FamFamFam Icons: IE Issues

FamFamFamEveryone knows about the extremely popular open source FamFamFam icons created by Mark James. I am a fan of these icons as they are very clean and have no copyright issues and stuff. Even though there are several free icons like the Tango Icon Gallery they still do not have as many icons or the same quality as FamFamFam.

There is just on itsy-bisty problem with the “Silk Icon Set” of FamFamFam. As you might know that all icons are 16X16 PNG files. These PNG files have some transparency for, well the transparent part of the icon. All this is perfect but the problem in Internet Explorer ( like always). If you put these icons on a website and view it through IE then instead of the transparent area you would see a gray background.

I am not sure whether it is Mark James fault that he hasn’t saved transparency correctly or it is IE’s fault. So if you want to successfully use FamFamFam icons on IE you will have to use either PhotoShop or IrfanView to save them as GIF and then use them. I might be converting all of them into GIF and posting them here soon (though I am not too sure about the copyright issues that might arise).

If you are a user of FamFamFam Icons be cure to check out the Icon Selector for the Silk Icons!


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