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Tecnorati Revamp?

Technorati LogoAfter writing the previous post on Joost and I went to ping Technorati I saw that they have revamped there website. I mean they have actually revamped there website and have not given it a face lift like most websites. They have changed there “Sign In” form from a small toolbar like “Digg” to a brand new shiny light box!

Technorai Log In

Cool isn’t it. They have also added an array of slick new features to the website lately. Like of course Technorati Authority. Also now on the top there is a bar that shows the latests searches mades on Technorati (<<snip, snip>>)  scrolling. Apart from the header the basic overall design is approximately the same.


I really like what they have done to there website. Unlike the other who just seem to ditch the old user interface and make a new one from scratch to get some hype for a few days, the Technrati people are actually working on what they have and are doing a great job :).


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